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Ability to pass option ip-unnumbered in radius attribute
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Need the ability to pass the ip-unnumbered option in the radius attribute. This feature is required to automate the configuration of the network interface and to exclude manual configuration.



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Harunaga created this task.Jun 6 2020, 20:53

Can you explain your idea in details? What do you want to add? Which messages should be modified? (access-request/access-accept/accountint-request?)

Your ticket description is entirely unclear.

Harunaga added a comment.EditedJun 6 2020, 23:45


I use the fully dynamic configuration of the subscriber's network interface. Radius server sends the network mask, gateway, IP address and routes in the Access-Accept packet. But some subscriber network interfaces should be ip-unnumbered = 1, while others should be ip-unnumbered=0. I have no way to change this option in the configuration file. I would like to send this parameter in Access-Accept packet with network mask and gateway.

You are talking about ifcfg,mode and start options, right? These are per-interface configuration, not per-session so I could not imagine how to configure per-interface options via access-accept message.